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TGA Website Redevelopment 2022

Our transformed website is coming soon!

Example of TGA's new website homepage

Our new website will be easier to understand and use. Find out how we will be transforming our website, how it works and how we will continually improve.

Check out our Webinar: Learn about the transformed TGA Website, 7 & 12 July 2022 for more information on what to expect with the new website.

Why we have made improvements

Did you know our current website had over 46,000 pages - not surprisingly, many of you told us finding information was difficult. So, we have re-organised and consolidated the content to make it easier for you to use.

We are working on the following improvements so we can release a better website in August 2022.

We are:

  • changing how the website looks and works so it's easier to find and understand the information you need
  • improving navigation and search so you can find what you need faster
  • following Government best practice
  • moving old website content to be archived on the National Library of Australia web archive - TROVE so it can still be available to you if you need it. Our next update will focus on TROVE and how we are archiving our content.

And there is more

We will continue to improve the design and content - this will be done in stages. Some of our content will be updated prior to the launch of the website, with the rest of the content to be improved over the next 12 months.

How the new website will work

Designed for our users

We have designed and built our website to align with the Digital Transformation Agency's Service Design and Delivery Process and Digital Service Standard.

Listening to feedback from hundreds of users has helped us to understand what information you need when you come to our website.


You will have several ways to look for information on our new website.

  • our main menu - available at the top of every page to browse our entire website
  • our side menu - available within content to browse within sections
  • tags - available at the bottom of our content pages to browse health topics

Smarter search

Our improved search helps you to:

  • find search results that are more relevant
  • narrow down your search results using filters.

Reorganised information

We have moved from a website that was structured around how TGA works, to one that's structured to make sense to you.

Information is now organised into the following topics:

  • Products we regulate - categorises the product types and what we do and don’t do.
  • Product safety - includes safety alerts, recalls and how to report problems.
  • How we regulate - resources for Industry to understand what they need to do and how.
  • Guidance and resources - our databases, guidance, fact sheets and publications are here.

Organising our content in this way will help you to find it more easily. It also helps us remove duplicated information and display content consistently, so you know what to expect.

New content and style

When we re-write more of the website content, we will be applying a consistent government style based on the Australian Government's Style Manual.

This helps us to:

  • place the most important information at the top of the page
  • use plain English and terminology our users understand
  • make sure our information is current, correct and accessible
  • provide information in different ways, such as videos and infographics
  • use short paragraphs, clear headings and lists so content is easy to read
  • make sure we're not repeating content.