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NAIF has a dedicated team of its own staff and is supported in its day-to-day operations through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the Export Finance and Insurance Corporate (Efic). The SLA is for a term which extends until the last NAIF loan is expected to be repaid.

Efic has been in operation for over 60 years and has over 100 staff. Like NAIF, Efic is a Corporate Commonwealth entity under the PGPA Act. Efic is an experienced financier with expertise in managing large and complex lending transactions.  NAIF exists to fill a market gap in infrastructure lending, leveraging off its own and Efic’s expertise and resources to support the provision of infrastructure investment in Northern Australia.

NAIF Organisational Structure


NAIF has the flexibility under the SLA to use Efic to provide services, to use its own resources or access other resources as required.

NAIF has established its own team of infrastructure specialists, headed by its CEO, focused on originating transactions that fit the NAIF Investment Mandate and supporting the due diligence and analysis of these transactions. This transaction team will grow as the number of projects requesting NAIF services increase.

The services provided by Efic to the NAIF, and provided for under the SLA, fall into two broad categories:

  1. Transaction due diligence, environment and technical review, credit assessment, and loan management; and
  2. Corporate and administrative services (including secretariat and board secretary, legal, compliance, financial management and reporting, human resources, information technology and communications, property management).

Efic also assists NAIF in managing its arrangements with the States and Territory.

Under the SLA, NAIF can access resources from Efic on an as needs basis. This allows NAIF to be responsive and agile in managing its resources to efficiently and effectively meet business and proponent needs. It also means that since NAIF was established it has been able to leverage off the resources, policies and procedures of Efic (and other similar Government agencies) to support it in the framing of its own best practice governance framework.

To date NAIF had utilised nearly half of Efic personnel in various capacities. For example, Efic staff who managed NAIF’s interface with the market prior to NAIF’s formal 1 July 2016 commencement are fully dedicated to transaction activities thus maintaining continuity with stakeholders and the market.

The SLA arrangements ensures an efficient use of existing Commonwealth resources, reducing the duplication of ‘back-office’ resourcing requirements across government entities.