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COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring plan

9 February 2021
Download COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring plan


The aim of the COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring Plan is to strengthen the existing vaccine vigilance system for early detection and investigation of suspected side effects (also known as adverse events) following COVID-19 immunisation. This will enable the TGA to manage any emerging safety issues and help maintain public confidence in the immunisation program.

The key objectives of the COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring Plan are:

  1. timely collection and management of reports of COVID-19 vaccine adverse events following immunisation
  2. timely detection and investigation of COVID-19 vaccine safety signals
  3. timely action to address any COVID-19 vaccine safety concerns
  4. timely communications to inform the public of emerging COVID-19 vaccine safety information and to support public confidence in vaccines
  5. close collaboration and coordination of effort with other vaccine safety stakeholder groups.

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